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Pricing ::

For 2012

400-499 Halves
500-599 Halves
600-799 Halves
800-999 Halves
1000 or More Halves
Baked Potato*

25 mile radius
(green area) 400 Minimum

$3.20 per half
$3.10 per half
$3.05 per half
$3.00 per half
$2.95 per half
$.75 each

25 – 35 mile radius
(yellow area) 400 Minimum

$3.30 per half
$3.20 per half
$3.15 per half
$3.10 per half
$3.05 per half
$.80 each

35 – 50 mile radius
(red area) 400 Minimum

$3.45 per half
$3.35 per half
$3.30 per half
$3.25 per half
$3.20 per half
not Available

*You can make your own potato. Anything else you would like with your meal you would have to provide yourself.

Radius Map ::

Our Coverage Map


Terms & Conditions ::

Terms and Conditions

  • We make the chicken at your site. Organization needs to get permission for the site.
  • No Help will be need to prepare the chicken. Half chicken will be put in foil bag.
  • Organization must sell chicken, collect tickets and manage the event Kauffman’s is not responsible for sales, or collecting tickets.
  • Organization must supply their own tickets, tables, take-out bags and tents.
  • Must order a minimum of 400 half chicken.
  • Organization may be asked to meet us at location, to assure proper set-up location (We cannot move after we are set-up).
  • We ask that someone form the organization be at the location at least 1/2 hr. to 1 hr. prior to the selling time.
  • Selling & Pick-up should be 3 to 4 hr. Organization having selling & pick-up longer then 4 hr. will be charged an additional $50.00 per hr.
  • We need two separate lines of 110 electric. If we need to use our generator there will be a $15.00 fee , Due to increase cost of fuel.
  • Potatoes may be added by organization ,or order thru us, A minimum of 400 potatoes must be order. We will make them, and deliver them the day of your event.
  • Any other items added are up to the organization to provide.
  • We have one A-frame sign, you may use the day of your event, any other sign or adverting is supply by organization.
  • Scheduling and placing chicken orders MUST be done by calling Scott or Kelly @ (717) 933-8102 , ( NO e-mail please).
  • If your Bar-B-Que is scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday , You MUST call the Monday before with estimated order , Then Wednesday with your final count.
  • If your Bar-B-Que is scheduled for Monday thru Friday, You MUST call 7 days before with estimated order, Then 5 days before with final count.
  • If you are NOT a Non-profit organization , Sales tax will be added to you bill.
  • Non-profit organization need to provide tax exempt number.
  • Payment is due from the day of delivery to 30 days
  • The will be a late charge of 1.5% after 30 days
  • 3% late charge after 60 days
  • 10% late charge after 90 days


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